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Modern Club Swinging and Pole Spinning

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How To Use This Book pdf
Warming Up Before Swinging pdf

Lesson 1 Full-Arm Circles pdf
Lesson 2 Forward and Backward Full-Arm Circles and a Pirouette pdf
Lesson 3 Forward and Backward Hand Circles pdf
Lesson 4 Two Front Facing Hand Circles with the Ring Grip pdf
Lesson 5 Combining Full-Arm with Hand Circles pdf
Lesson 6 The Popular Reel and Alternating Timing pdf *
Lesson 7 Hand Circles with the Ball-and-Socket Grip pdf
Lesson 8 Smooth Transitions pdf
Lesson 9 Horizontal Plane Hand Circles pdf *
Lesson 10 Forward and Backward Hand Circles for Limber Wrists pdf *
Lesson 11 Follow Time and the Cross-Follow pdf
Lesson 12 Exploring Parallel Moves pdf
Lesson 13 Snake Curls pdf
Lesson 14 Regular Snakes pdf
Lesson 15 Hip Snakes pdf
Lesson 16 Inward Snakes pdf
Lesson 17 Waist Circles and Waist Wraps pdf
Lesson 18 Half and Full Fountains pdf
Lesson 19 Essential Pole Moves pdf *
Lesson 20 Fancy Moves pdf

Club Swinging Problems and Solutions pdf
Putting Together a Routine
Fire Performance and Safety pdf
Mass Fire Swinging Routine pdf
Ultraviolet (uv) Performance
Equipment pdf
Index of Illustrations pdf
Index and Glossary pdf
References pdf
About the Author pdf

Club Swinging Bibliography

* Club swinging and pole spinning can be considered as inter-related overlapping skills.
A club swinger can readily transfer their skills to pole spinning and visa versa.
This book primarily teaches club swinging but shows how this skill can be transferred to
a pole/staff. Sections specifically devoted to pole spinning:
lesson 6 pages 26-27; lesson 9 page 38; lesson 10 page 40; lesson 19 pages 70-72.

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